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Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize: Jamie Coulter, University of Newcastle, UK

Education Prize: Pérez-Higueras J, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain

Original Scientific Research Poster Prize: Aleksandar Jakovljevic, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Clinical Poster Prize: Eva Magni, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Clinical Video Prize: Johanna Loufrani, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain



Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize: R.C.D. Swimberghe, A. Crabbé, K. Braeckmans, R.J.G. De Moor, T. Coenye & M.A. Meire. Influence of model system parameters on the sodium hypochlorite susceptibility of endodontic biofilms

Education Prize: Gancedo-Caravia L, Bascones J, Garcia-Barbero E, Arias A. Suitability of different tooth replicas for endodontic training: perceptions and detection of common errors in the performance of postgraduate students

Original Scientific Poster Prize: Sebring D, Jonasson P, Kvist T, Buhlin K, Lund H. Calibration for increased reliability in assessment of endodontic variables in panoramic radiographs

Clinical Poster Prize: Krug RK, Volland JV, Reich SR, Soliman SS, Connert TC, Krastl GK. Guided endodontic treatment of multiple teeth with dentine dysplasia: a case report

Clinical Video Prize: Cho S, Nam J. Apical surgery on upper left first molar with sinus elevation



Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize: Virdee SS, Farnell D, Seymour DW, Bhambra G, Bhakta S Efficacy of irrigant activation techniques in removing intracanal smear layer and debris from mature permanent teeth: a systematic review & meta-analysis

Education Prize: The prize was awarded jointly to Baaij A, Özok AR Influence of method of teaching endodontology on the self-efficacy and self-perceived competence of undergraduate students and Reymus MR, Diegritz CD Self-printed artificial teeth for endodontic education

Original Scientific Poster Prize: The prize was awarded jointly to: Prati C, Pirani C, Zamparini F, Gatto MR, Gandolfi MG A 20-year clinical study: functionality and success of root canal treatments and Andrade FB, Midena RZ, Dionísio TJ, Morandini AC, Cuéllar MRC, Santos CF, Stipp RN Gene expression of adhesion factors and biofilm formation by Fusobacterium nucleatum strains isolated from root canals

Clinical Poster Prize: Dembinskaite A, Veberiene R, Machiulskiene V Successful endodontic and surgical treatment of dens invaginatus with infected invagination and vital pulp: a case report

Clinical Video Prize: Ruiz XF, Abella F, Durán-Sindreu F, Roig-Cayón M Combined treatment of a type III palatogingival groove with an accessory root in a maxillary lateral incisor: root canal therapy and intentional replantation



Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize: Verstraeten J, Meire MA, Jacquet W, De Moor RJ Canal and isthmus cleanliness of mesial roots of mandibular molars after Laser Activated Irrigation: a micro-computed tomography study.

Education Prize: Arias A, Peters OA, Broyles IL Innovations in teaching biostatistics to residents in endodontics fellowship: a pilot study

Original Scientific Poster Prize: Yilmaz S, Dumani A, Yoldas O The effects of antibiotic pastes used in endodontic regeneration on the microhardness of dentine

Clinical Poster Prize: Amezcua O, Cruz A, Cholico HP, Cabada A Non-surgical root canal treatment of a maxillary lateral incisor with triple dens in dente and five canals



Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize: Lottanti S, Taubock TT, Zehnder M Intracanal temperature and real-time shrinkage of thermoplasticized gutta-percha.



Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize: D.K. Rechenberg, T. Thurnheer & M. Zehnder Potential systematic error in laboratory experiments on microbial leakage through filled root canals: an experimental study.



Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize: M. A. Meire, K. De Prijck, T. Coenye, H. J. Nelis, R. J. G. De Moor. Evaluation of Nd:YAG and Er:YAG irradiation and antibacterial photodynamic therapy on Enterococcus faecalis biofilms



Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize: No prize awarded



Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize: Tomson PLM, Graham L, Smith AJ, Lumley PJ, Sloan AJ, Cooper PR: In vitro characterisation of the dentinogenic potential of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate



Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize: Saleh IM, Ørstavik D, Haapasalo MP: Survival of Enterococcus faecalis in infected dentinal tubules after root canal filling with different root canal sealers



Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize: Sunde PT, Olsen I, Eribe ER, Moter A, Tronstad L: Bacteria of asymptomatic periapical endodontic lesions identified by anaerobic cultivation and genetic methods. International Endodontic Journal 2002; 35: 79 (RP3)



Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize: The prize was awarded jointly to Bergmans L, De Cort S, Abe Y, Lambrechts P: X-ray micro-CT (XMCT) for non-destructive evaluation of the shaping ability of NiTi rotary instruments and subsequent obturation and Stojan D, Lussi A: Penetration of root canal sealers in dentinal tubuli.



Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize: Debelian GJ, Olsen I, Tronstad L Anaerobic bacteremia and fungemia of patients receiving endodontic treatment.



Research Prize: Serefoglou M, Sykaras S, Panopoulos P Changes in intradental nerve excitability after pretreatment of exposed dentin.



Research Prize: Ildikó J Márton Inununoregulatory and inflammatory changes in apical periodontitis



Research Prize: Petra Wilder-Smith Non-invasive measurement of pulpal blood flow




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