The benefits of joining the ESE

Members of the ESE represent a broad group of individuals and national societies with a range of skills and experience, but a shared interest in Endodontics. Every National Society member of the ESE automatically has their members become society members of the ESE. Other individual membership categories are also available on application within the ESE on application including postgraduate, certified (and guest certified), specialist (and guest specialist) as well as nursing membership categories.

The following are benefits of joining the ESE as an individual member:

Member Society

Full national society may join the ESE and have representation (and voting rights if the largest national member from that country) in the General Assembly. All members of the national society will automatically become society members and have reduced registration fees at ESE biennial congresses and other ESE meetings. Associate society members are also society members of the ESE but do not fulfil all the criteria for national society membership. They will not have voting rights at the general assembly, but all members of the society will have reduced registration at ESE events.

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Individual member

In order to become an individual Certified or Specialist member (or Guest Certified and Specialist member) of the ESE, you need to provide documentation that you have certain skills/knowledge and/or training in Endodontology. There are various routes of application for specialist membership based on level of experience. For postgraduate membership you must be registered for an award in Endodontology with a recognised academic institution within member countries and be able to provide evidence to verify this.

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