Frequently Asked Questions

Individual membership FAQs

I am a member of a full member national society of the ESE and want to become an individual member of the ESE. What membership categories are available?

The individual membership caegories are:

  • Specialist
  • Certified
I am a dental nurse. Can I apply to become a member?


I am not a member of a full member national society and want to become a member of the ESE. What membership categories are available?

The membership categories available are:

  • Society member - please apply to one of our national societies for membership
  • Guest Specialist
  • Guest Certified



I am a postgraduate student. Can I become a member?

If you are registered for an award in Endodontology with a recognised academic institution within a member country then yes you can.


Are there any application fees?

Specialist and Guest specialist application fee: 250 Euros (No fee for Certified or Guest Certified members)

Certified and Guest Certified applicaiton fee: NONE

ESE registered postgraduate student: NONE

Dental Nurse: NONE


What are the routes for Specialist membership application?

There are 5 routes for applicants:

  1. Route 1: Graduates from ESE-accredited specialist training programmes in Endodontology;
  2. Route 2: Grand-parenting of existing specialists in countries where Endodontics is recognised as a speciality and that have national endodontic/dental societies affiliated with the ESE. That is: Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom; (not applicable for Guest)
  3. Route 3: Grand-parenting of existing de facto specialists;
  4. Route 4: Mediated entry - where non-ESE-accredited training is considered equivalent to ESE-accredited specialist training;
  5. Route 5: Mediated entry - no formal national recognition as a specialist in Endodontology but can demonstrate evidence of a major contribution to Endodontology through education and research.
I would like to apply to become a certified or guest certifed member. What are the requirements?

A points system is used to evaluate applications for certified or guest certified membership. It takes into account completion of taught programmes, as well as clinical, educational and research knowledge, experience and publications. A minimum of 60 points is required, and must be obtained from at least two of the categories, unless the credit point score is 60 for training with a recognised academic institution (min 120 ECTS).


What are the membership fees?

Membership runs from the 1st January to 31st December each year.

Specialist and Guest Specialist member: €250 per year. Payment includes mandatory subscription to the International Endodontic Journal.

Certified and Guest Certified membership: €185. Payment includes mandatory subscription to the International Endodontic Journal.

ESE registered Postgraduate student member: €40 Euros per year. For an extra 20 Euros per year you can access the on-line version of the International Endodontic Journal.

Dental Nurse: €40 Euros per year.

How long can I remain a postgraduate member after the end of my course?

Your postgraduate membership will run to the end of the year in which your course finishes.

Application process FAQs

Who will assess my application for individual membership?

The application will be assessed by 2 independent members of the membership committee and scored on a template. After the reports are received the chair of the membership committee will make a decision and the applicant will be informed.

How long will the process generally take?

Although some applications are more involved than others the process will generally take around 1 to 2 months, but may be expedited in certain circumstances, e.g. postgraduate membership application prior to a conference.

What is the acceptance rate for specialist membership?

The vast majority of applications are successful, however, after assessment some applicants are advised to apply for other membership categories or informed of ways to improve their application.

Is there an appeal system for unsuccessful applications?

The decision of the membership committee is binding and is not subject to appeal.

National Society FAQs

There is another national society from my country that is a full member of the ESE, can our group still apply?

Yes, your group can still apply and be eligible for the rights awarded to all national societies; however, if your group is not the largest group in the country in terms of numbers of members, the voting rights will remain with the largest society.

What types of national society memberships are there?
  • Full member society
  • Associate member society
What is the membership fee for national societies?

€5 annually for their first 100 members and €3.5 per member from 101 onwards.