Resources for Clinicians

Quality Guidelines

The assurance of the quality of a service rendered by a member of the dental profession is an essential feature of any system of peer review in Dentistry. The ESE Quality Guidelines for endodontic treatment addresses two essential elements: (i) appropriateness of treatment modality and (ii) quality or level of treatment rendered. In publishing these guidelines, the European Society of Endodontology is responding to a public and professional need. In receiving care of a specialized nature such as endodontic treatment, patients need and deserve treatment that meets the standard of care generally given by competent practitioners. The European Society of Endodontology has the expertise and professional responsibility necessary to assist the dental profession by instituting guidelines on the standard of care in the special area of Endodontics. In accepting this responsibility, the European Society of Endodontology has formulated treatment guidelines that are intended to represent current good practice.

Position Statements

These ESE position statements represent the consensus of expert committees, convened by the European Society of Endodontology (ESE), and summarize current best evidence in the specific topics, as well as indicating appropriate clinical management strategies. The intention of the position statements is to provide the practitioner with relevant clinical guidance. Updates will be provided periodically as further evidence emerges.

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