ESE Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize

Prize Regulations


Instructions for Entry

The European Society of Endodontology offers a biennial prize, to be administered and awarded by the ESE Research Committee for the encouragement of research related to Endodontology.

The regulations governing the award of the prize are:

  1. The prize shall be known as the
    The value of the award is 2,500 EURO and a certificate.
  2. The prize shall be awarded for a paper delivered in English at the Biennial Congress of the European Society of Endodontology in accordance with the rules outlined below. More than one author can be associated with a paper but only the first author will be eligible for the prize.
  3. Candidates will normally be no more than 35 years of age and have published no more than 5 full articles in international dental journals. Candidates must be a member of a national endodontic/dental society that is a Full or Associate member society of the ESE. No individual may win the prize more than once.
  4. An abstract of the work must be submitted through the ESE Abstract submission website selecting the Wladimir Adlivankine Prize track. Candidates are also required to submit the full paper that must be divided into a structured Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References not later than 1st March in the year of the Biennial Congress. Submissions must be original, and neither have been published nor be under consideration by a scientific journal. Please submit the full paper as an email attachment to:
  5. The Research Committee of the ESE will select from the submitted abstracts and papers, no more than five papers to be read. Oral presentations shall not exceed 15 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for discussion. Computer projection facilities will be available. Candidates selected to enter for the Research Prize will be exempt from the registration fee to the scientific section of the congress.
  6. Evaluation Criteria for the ESE Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize
    6.1. Content
    • Review of previous research that is relevant to the study
    • Justification of research conducted leading to the hypothesis
    • Well-developed hypothesis

    Purpose or objectives of the study
    Materials and methods:

    • Experimental methods are clearly explained
    • Methods described are precise and adequately sensitive to allow accurate measurement
    • Adequate sample size
    • Random assignment of samples
    • Adequate controls included


    • Clearly presented
    • Appropriate statistical analysis

    Discussion and conclusions

    • Results are discussed
    • Literature supporting the findings has been identified
    • Literature opposing the findings has been identified
    • Conclusions are supported by results, and are considered to be a significant contribution to the endodontic literature

    6.2. Presenter
    - Uses appropriate audiovisual aids
    - Presents material clearly
    - Is knowledgeable about the material
    - Adheres to the time limit
    - Is able to answer questions

  7. The prize shall be awarded by the Research Committee of the ESE on the recommendation of a panel of at least three assessors appointed biennially by the Research Committee. The assessors will take into account the originality of the research; its relevance to Endodontology; the methodology, results and discussion; the standard of the abstract; and the clarity and quality of the presentation.

  8. The Research Committee of the ESE reserves the right to withhold the award of the Prize if the entries or candidates are of insufficient merit.