European Society of Endodontology Education Prize

ESE Education Prize Regulations


Evaluation Criteria for the ESE Education Prize


  • Review of previous research or practice
  • Identification of gaps in knowledge or areas in need of development
  • Justification for the research or innovation and its likely impact
  • Clearly defined objectives

Materials & Methods:

  • Experimental methods or nature of innovation clearly described
  • Methods of analysis/evaluation clearly described


  • Results or outcomes clearly presented


  • Discussion of the work within the context of published literature and/or current practice
  • Discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the materials and methods employed
  • Reflection on the impact of the research or innovation on Endodontic education


  • Uses appropriate audiovisual aids
  • Presents material clearly
  • Is knowledgeable about the material
  • Adheres to the time limit
  • Is able to answer questions with understanding

The Prize will be awarded by the Education & Scholarship Committee of the ESE on the recommendation of a panel of at least three assessors appointed biennially by the Education & Scholarship Committee.

The Education & Scholarship Committee of the ESE reserves the right to withhold the Prize if the entries or presentations are not considered to be within the scope of the Prize or if the quality of the entries or presentations is not consistent with the award of a Prize. The decision of the Education & Scholarship Committee will be final.

In establishing this Prize, the ESE is indebted to the Netherlands Society of Endodontology who for many years have sought to recognise and encourage the work of young endodontic educators and researchers; qualities exemplified by the late Dr Hans Genet.