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The dental specialty of Endodontics is recognised in some, but not all European nations. Countries that do recognise Endodontics as a speciality have their own rules to define who may legally use the title ‘Endodontist’ or ‘Specialist in Endodontics’ (or an equivalent title), and this usually reflects specialist training or validated clinical experience in the discipline. Endodontics is currently recognised as a speciality in Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom, and the regulatory authorities in each nation maintain a list of registered specialists. In those countries that do not recognise the speciality of Endodontics, and even in those that do, there are likely to be skilled and experienced dentists who are able to provide high quality endodontic services without being registered as Specialists or Endodontists.

The ESE cannot maintain lists of all specialists and non-specialists offering endodontic services in Europe, but does maintain a list of individual members who have met the criteria for Specialist or Certified membership  of the Society (Guest Certified/Specialist members in European countries who are not affiliated with the ESE) ( ).

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