Dutch Endodontic Society (TEN)

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Who we are

How nice of you to take an interest in our society! Let’s take you away to the ‘world’ of endo in the Netherlands. Of course we start our training in endodontics during dentistry but for those with a special interest in endodontics, we have our post graduate program. Our program consists of 3 consecutive years, four days a week, dedicated to endodontics.  

Our program has been recognized by the ESE.

When the specialization has been completed successfully, you will be recognized by the NVVE as an endodontist and can become a member of TEN.

Our annual meetings

TEN organizes two annual meetings where we exchange information and concerns regarding everything endo related. At one of those meetings we invite an internationally renowned speaker.

We at TEN are proud members of ESE.

Through TEN we hope to offer all dentists, dentists with a special interest in endodontics and aspiring endodontists all the benefits of our combined knowledge. Because in the end, we all want what is best for our patients.

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Ms Dieuwertje de Groot - Kuin


President C.A.M. Oonk
Treasurer T. Veenema
Secretary W.T.H. Thé
Country Representative Dieuwertje de Groot

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