Introducing our new Clinical Practice Committee Vice-Chair

6 February 2023

Introducing our new Clinical Practice Committee Vice-Chair

The ESE Executive Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Cristiano Fabiani who will serve as Clinical Practice Committee Vice Chair until 31st December 2023. From 1st January 2024, he will join the Executive Board as Clinical Practice Committee Chair for an initial peripod of 4 years. We wish him every success in this important role.

Cristiano received his dental degree in Italy, completing his postgraduate clinical training in Endodontics (CAGS) at Boston University (where he earned also a MSD) under the guidance of the late Dr. Herbert Schilder.

Cristiano has served for a long time as a member of the Cultural Committee of the SIE (Italian Endodontic Society) focusing primarily on developing national guidelines and quality control, participating in the organisation of the annual Italian Endodontic Meeting, as well as a reviewer for the Italian Journal of Endodontics. He is currently practicing limited to Endodontics both in Italy and the UK. A specialist member of the ESE, he has been part of the Clinical Practice Committee since its introduction in the ESE.

Cristiano is very interested in different cultures and enjoy travelling with his wife and grown-up sons. He is an outdoor lover, enjoying exploring Italy and the rest of the world hiking, diving and sailing. During his spare time Cristiano likes to shoot photographs, printing his black and white photographs in his own darkroom.