Introducing our first Engagement and Communications Committee Chair, Laura Andriukaitiene

7 February 2023

The ESE is pleased to announce the formation of a new Engagement and Communications Committee and to introduce Laura Andriukaitiene as its first Chair. Laura will be working with the Executive Board over the coming months to develop a strategic plan and build a team to develop ESE communications. She will serve for 4 years in the first instance.

Currently Laura is a full-time endodontist in her private practice L’identité in Vilnius, Lithuania.  She completed her undergraduate and endodontic specialist training in Lithuania, spending part of her postgraduate studies at Cardiff University, UK. She served as an assisting professor at Kaunas Medicine University, Lithuania for almost eight years teaching undergraduate students before joining research groups at Turku University, Finland and Tromso Arctic University of Norway.

While working in Kaunas, Laura was responsible for implementing the advanced teaching programme of rotary endodontic systems for the undergraduates and contributed to the first handbook for students introducing endodontic rotary techniques and working protocols.

Laura is President of the European Society of Microscope Dentistry and Chair of the Baltic Society of Microscope Dentistry. Since 2008 she has hosted 10 international congresses and lectures and gives practical courses on the regular basis. Recently, she has taken a leading role in engaging with early career members of the ESE and has a vision to improve the communications of the Society.

Outside work, Laura is married with two children. She is a fan of cooking and tasting cuisines of different counties and cultures. She enjoys traveling together with her family as well as reading and painting. She is active in volunteering with abandoned pets and other social programmes.