International Journal of Endodontics: July 2021 (Volume 54, Issue 7)

7 June 2021

International Journal of Endodontics: July 2021 (Volume 54, Issue 7)

International Endodontic Journal
Volume 54, Issue 7

Pages: 1003-1208

July 2021

Issue Information

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Issue Information


Pages: 1003 | First Published: 05 June 2021


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Preferred Reporting Items for Diagnostic Accuracy Studies in ​Endodontics (PRIDASE): Guidance to improve manuscripts assessing the diagnostic accuracy of procedures, techniques and devices


Maria Pigg, Henry F Duncan, Venkateshbabu Nagendrababu, Paul Abbott, Ashraf F Fouad, Casper Kruse, Shanon Patel, Dan-Krister Rechenberg, Paul MH Dummer

Pages: 1005-1007 | First Published: 05 June 2021

Clinical Research

Accuracy of cold sensibility testing on teeth with full‐coverage restorations: a clinical study


M. L. Hazard, C. Wicker, F. Qian, A. E. Williamson, F. B. Teixeira

Pages: 1008-1015 | First Published: 06 February 2021

Association between polymorphisms in catechol‐O‐methyl transferase, opioid receptor Mu 1 and serotonin receptor genes with postoperative pain following root canal treatment


E. Karataş, Ç. Y. Kahraman, N. Akbıyık

Pages: 1016-1025 | First Published: 08 February 2021

Effect of XP‐endo Shaper versus conventional rotary files on postoperative pain and bacterial reduction in oval canals with necrotic pulps: a randomized clinical study


R. S. Emara, S. I. Gawdat, H. M. M. El-Far

Pages: 1026-1036 | First Published: 09 February 2021

Postoperative pain after ultrasonically and laser‐activated irrigation during root canal treatment: a randomized clinical trial


D. Liapis, M. A. A. De Bruyne, R. J. G. De Moor, M. A. Meire

Pages: 1037-1050 | First Published: 17 February 2021

Review Articles

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Preferred Reporting Items for Diagnostic Accuracy Studies in Endodontics (PRIDASE) guidelines: a development protocol


V. Nagendrababu, P. Abbott, H. F. Duncan, A. F. Fouad, C. Kruse, S. Patel, M. Pigg, D. K. Rechenberg, P. M. H. Dummer

Pages: 1051-1055 | First Published: 14 February 2021

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Application of a new system for classifying root and canal anatomy in studies involving micro‐computed tomography and cone beam computed tomography: Explanation and elaboration


H. M. A. Ahmed, N. Ibrahim, N. S. Mohamad, P. Nambiar, R. F. Muhammad, M. Yusoff, P. M. H. Dummer

Pages: 1056-1082 | First Published: 02 February 2021

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Critical analysis of the reporting quality of randomized trials within Endodontics using the Preferred Reporting Items for RAndomized Trials in Endodontics (PRIRATE) 2020 quality standard checklist


V. Nagendrababu, A. Jakovljevic, J. Jacimovic, H. F. Duncan, J. Jayaraman, P. M. H. Dummer

Pages: 1083-1104 | First Published: 05 February 2021

Basic Research - Biological

5‐aza‐2’‐deoxycytidine may regulate the inflammatory response of human odontoblast‐like cells through the NF‐κB pathway


Z. Feng, R. Meng, Q. Li, D. Li, Q. Xu

Pages: 1105-1117 | First Published: 04 February 2021

A laboratory study to test the responses of human dental pulp stem cells to extracts from three dental pulp capping biomaterials


A. Abou ElReash, H. Hamama, M. Grawish, M. Saeed, A. M. Zaen El-Din, M. A. Shahin, W. Zhenhuan, X. Xiaoli

Pages: 1118-1128 | First Published: 10 February 2021

Regeneration of pulp‐dentine complex‐like tissue in a rat experimental model under an inflammatory microenvironment using high phosphorous‐containing bioactive glasses


J. Li, S. Wang, Y. Dong

Pages: 1129-1141 | First Published: 03 March 2021

Prenylflavonoids isolated from Macaranga tanarius stimulate odontoblast differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells and tooth root formation via the mitogen‐activated protein kinase and protein kinase B pathways


S. H. Nam, A. Yamano, J. A. Kim, J. Lim, S. H. Baek, J. E. Kim, T.G. Kwon, Y. Saito, T. Teruya, S. Y. Choi, Y. K. Kim, Y. C. Bae, H. I. Shin, J. T. Woo, E. K. Park

Pages: 1142-1154 | First Published: 28 February 2021


Antibacterial activity, cytocompatibility and effect of Bio‐C Temp bioceramic intracanal medicament on osteoblast biology


J. C. M. Guerreiro, V. M. Ochoa-Rodrígez, E. M. Rodrigues, G. M. Chavez-Andrade, M. Tanomaru-Filho, J. M. Guerreiro-Tanomaru, G. Faria

Pages: 1155-1165 | First Published: 27 February 2021

Basic Research - Technical

A laboratory study of the scouting ability of two reciprocating glide path instruments in mesial root canals of extracted mandibular molars


R. P. Pereira, M. P. Alcalde, M. A. H. Duarte, R. R. Vivan, C. E. S. Bueno, J. A. Duque, P. H. S. Calefi, C. M. Bramante

Pages: 1166-1174 | First Published: 08 February 2021

Heating stability, physical and chemical analysis of calcium silicate‐based endodontic sealers


T. B. M. Antunes, A. C. P. Janini, L. E. Pelepenko, G. F. Abuna, E. M. Paiva, M. A. C. Sinhoreti, I. M. Raimundo Jr, B. P. F. A. Gomes, A. de-Jesus-Soares, M. A. Marciano

Pages: 1175-1188 | First Published: 12 February 2021


Open Access

The Endodontic Complexity Assessment Tool (E‐CAT): A digital form for assessing root canal treatment case difficulty


O. Essam, E. L. Boyle, J. M. Whitworth, F. D. Jarad

Pages: 1189-1199 | First Published: 07 March 2021

A laboratory study of the accuracy of three electronic apex locators: influence of embedding media and radiographic assessment of the electronic apical limit


M. F. Iparraguirre Nuñovero, L. Piasecki, A. V. K. Segato, V. P. D. Westphalen, U. X. Silva Neto, E. Carneiro

Pages: 1200-1206 | First Published: 08 March 2021

Letter to the Editor

Letter regarding ‘Efficacy of direct pulp capping for management of cariously exposed pulps in permanent teeth: A systematic review and meta‐analysis’


Jian Xie, Jinling Deng, Lang Li

Pages: 1207 | First Published: 05 June 2021

Authors’ response


Ikhlas A. El Karim

Pages: 1208 | First Published: 05 June 2021