International Endodontic Journal - Volume 55, Issue 6 - Pages: 561-691 June 2022

9 May 2022

International Endodontic Journal - Volume 55, Issue 6 - Pages: 561-691 June 2022

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Pages: 561 | First Published:05 May 2022



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Head and neck radiotherapy effects on the dental pulp vitality and response to sensitivity tests: A systematic review with meta‐analysis

Theodoro Weissheimer, Bruna Barcelos Só, Marieli Chitolina Pradebon, José Antonio Poli de Figueiredo, Manoela Domingues Martins, Marcus Vinicius Reis Só

Pages: 563-578 | First Published:17 March 2022


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Influence of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid on regenerative endodontics: A systematic review

Alexandre H. dos Reis-Prado, Lucas G. Abreu, Rogéria R. Fagundes, Sabrina de C. Oliveira, Marco C. Bottino, Antônio P. Ribeiro-Sobrinho, Francine Benetti

Pages: 579-612 | First Published:19 March 2022


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Vital pulp treatment for traumatized permanent teeth: A systematic review

Manal Matoug-Elwerfelli, Ahmed S. ElSheshtawy, Monty Duggal, Huei Jinn Tong, Hani Nazzal

Pages: 613-629 | First Published:29 March 2022



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Endodontic pulp revitalization in traumatized necrotic immature permanent incisors: Early failures and long‐term outcomes—A longitudinal cohort study

Alina Wikström, Malin Brundin, Nelly Romani Vestman, Olena Rakhimova, Georgios Tsilingaridis

Pages: 630-645 | First Published:25 March 2022



Chronic systemic corticosteroid therapy influences the development of pulp necrosis and experimental apical periodontitis, exacerbating the inflammatory process and bone resorption in rats

Isabelly Vidal do Nascimento, Maria Imaculada de Queiroz Rodrigues, Pedro Henrique Chaves Isaias, Paulo Goberlânio Barros-Silva, Fabricio Bitu Sousa, Ana Paula Negreiros Nunes Alves, Mário Rogério Lima Mota

Pages: 646-659 | First Published:12 March 2022


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Type 2 diabetes and the clinically normal pulp: An in vitro study

Shaikhah Alsamahi, Trudy M. Milne, Haizal Hussaini, Alison M. Rich, Lara T. Friedlander

Pages: 660-671 | First Published:24 March 2022



A micro‐CT analysis of radicular dentine thickness in mandibular first premolars presenting C‐shaped root canals: Identification of potential danger zones

Alfredo Sierra-Cristancho, Luis González-Osuna, Julián Balanta-Melo, Emilio A. Cafferata, Carolina Rojas, Samanta Melgar-Rodríguez, Paola Carvajal, Rolando Vernal

Pages: 672-684 | First Published:28 March 2022



What does not form after accidental sodium hypochlorite contact with chlorhexidine?

Ekim Onur Orhan, Özgür Irmak, Deniz Hür

Pages: 685-688 | First Published:05 May 2022


Response to letter by Orhan et al. 2021, regarding Jeong et al. (2021) ‘Assessment of the cytotoxic effects and chemical composition of the insoluble precipitate formed from sodium hypochlorite and chlorhexidine gluconate’

Tanguy Terlier, Ji Wook Jeong, Nima D. Sarmast, Neha Parikh

Pages: 689-691 | First Published:05 May 2022