International Endodontic Journal - October 2021

10 September 2021

International Endodontic Journal - October 2021

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Issue Information

Pages: 1683 | First Published: 09 September 2021


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International Endodontic Journal policy on mandatory prospective (a priori) protocol registration for clinical trials and systematic reviews

Venkateshbabu Nagendrababu, Henry F. Duncan, Paul M. H. Dummer

Pages: 1685-1686 | First Published: 09 September 2021


Clinical Research

Impairment of the angiogenic process may contribute to lower success rate of root canal treatments in diabetes mellitus

José P. Martinho, Ana Coelho, Bárbara Oliveiros, Salomé Pires, Ana Margarida Abrantes, Siri Paulo, Ana Catarina Carvalho, Eunice Carrilho, Anabela Paula, Lina Carvalho, Raquel Seiça, Maria Filomena Botelho, Carlos Miguel Marto, Gianrico Spagnuolo, Paulo Matafome, Manuel Marques Ferreira

Pages: 1687-1698 | First Published: 17 May 2021


Influence of occlusal and proximal caries on the outcome of full pulpotomy in permanent mandibular molar teeth with partial irreversible pulpitis: A prospective study

Rechithra R, Archana Aravind, Vijay Kumar, Sidhartha Sharma, Amrita Chawla, Ajay Logani

Pages: 1699-1707 | First Published: 08 June 2021


Effect of photobiomodulation on post‐operative symptoms in teeth with asymptomatic apical periodontitis treated with foraminal enlargement: A randomized clinical trial

Ludmila da Silva Guimarães, Erlange Andrade Borges da Silva, Fernanda Garcias Hespanhol, Karla Bianca Fernandes da Costa Fontes, Livia Azeredo Alves Antunes, Leonardo Santos Antunes

Pages: 1708-1719 | First Published: 26 June 2021


The effect of low‐level laser therapy on the success rate of inferior alveolar nerve blocks in mandibular molars with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis: A randomized clinical trial

Hüseyin Sinan Topçuoğlu, Burak Akpınar

Pages: 1720-1726 | First Published: 09 July 2021


Survival and prognostic factors of managing cracked teeth with reversible pulpitis: A 1‐ to 4‐year prospective cohort study

Junghoon Lee, Sunil Kim, Euiseong Kim, Kyung-Ho Kim, Seong Taek Kim, Yoon Jeong Choi

Pages: 1727-1737 | First Published: 10 July 2021


Repair of teeth with cracks in crowns and roots: An observational clinical study

Augusto Malentacca, Fabrizio Zaccheo, Matteo Scialanca, Francesco Fordellone, Cosimo Rupe, Carlo Lajolo

Pages: 1738-1753 | First Published: 22 July 2021


Review Articles

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Management of patients receiving novel antithrombotic treatment in endodontic practice: Review and clinical recommendations

Shaul Lin, Ron Hoffman, Omri Nabriski, Daniel Moreinos, Paul M. H. Dummer

Pages: 1754-1768 | First Published: 24 April 2021


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Influence of metal artefact reduction tool on the detection of vertical root fractures involving teeth with intracanal materials in cone beam computed tomography images: A systematic review and meta‐analysis

Rocharles C. Fontenele, Alessiana H. Machado, Larissa de Oliveira Reis, Deborah Q. Freitas

Pages: 1769-1781 | First Published: 18 May 2021


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Revitalizing previously treated teeth with open apices: A case report and a literature review

Ali Nosrat, Behnam Bolhari, Shima Saber Tahan, Omid Dianat, Paul Michael Howell Dummer

Pages: 1782-1793 | First Published: 18 May 2021


Trial registration and selective outcome reporting in Endodontic Research: Evidence over a 5‐year period

Giorgos N. Tzanetakis, Despina Koletsi

Pages: 1794-1803 | First Published: 20 May 2021


Open Access

The management of deep caries in UK primary care: A nationwide questionnaire‐based study

David Edwards, Oliver Bailey, Simon Stone, Hal Duncan

Pages: 1804-1818 | First Published: 05 June 2021


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Five decades of the International Endodontic Journal: Bibliometric overview 1967–2020

Abdul S. Khan, Shafiq Ur Rehman, Shakil Ahmad, Yara K. AlMaimouni, Manar A. S. Alzamil, Paul M. H. Dummer

Pages: 1819-1839 | First Published: 01 July 2021

Basic Research – Biological


Enterococcus faecalis sustained infection induces macrophage pro‐resolution polarization

David Polak, Alin Yaya, Dan Henry Levy, Zvi Metzger, Itzhak Abramovitz

Pages: 1840-1849 | First Published: 20 May 2021


Antimicrobial and immunomodulatory in vitro profile of double antibiotic paste

Maurício Gonçalves da Costa Sousa, Patrícia Diniz Xavier, Ana Paula de Castro Cantuária, Ingrid Aquino Amorim, Jeeser Alves Almeida, Octavio Luiz Franco, Taia Maria Berto Rezende

Pages: 1850-1860 | First Published: 25 May 2021


Excessive caffeine intake increases bone resorption associated with periapical periodontitis in rats

Renan Dal-Fabbro, Leopoldo Cosme-Silva, Letícia Cabrera Capalbo, Antonio Hernandes Chaves-Neto, Edilson Ervolino, Luciano Tavares Angelo Cintra, João Eduardo Gomes-Filho

Pages: 1861-1870 | First Published: 26 May 2021


A novel three‐dimensionally printed model to assess biofilm removal by ultrasonically activated irrigation

Min-Ji Choi, Mi-Ah Kim, Yoorina Choi, Prasanna Neelakantan, Mi-Kyung Yu, Kyung-San Min

Pages: 1871-1877 | First Published: 27 May 2021


Dosimetry of pulsed magnetic field towards attaining bacteriostatic effect on Enterococcus faecalis: Implications for endodontic therapy

Sharmistha Naskar, Chandan, Divya Baskaran, Aditya N. Roy Choudhury, Subhomoy Chatterjee, Subbaraj Karunakaran, B.V. Sreenivasa Murthy, Bikramjit Basu

Pages: 1878-1891 | First Published: 28 May 2021


Assessment of the cytotoxic effects and chemical composition of the insoluble precipitate formed from sodium hypochlorite and chlorhexidine gluconate

Ji Wook Jeong, Nima D. Sarmast, Tanguy Terlier, Ransome van der Hoeven, Julian N. Holland, Neha Parikh

Pages: 1892-1901 | First Published: 03 June 2021


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