International Endodontic Journal - early view

4 November 2021

International Endodontic Journal - early view


International Endodontic Journal

Early View

Online Version of Record before inclusion in an issue


Prevalence of periapical lesions, root canal treatments and restorations in teeth adjacent to implant‐ or tooth‐supported crowns: A multi‐centre cross‐sectional study

Abayomi O. Baruwa, Jorge N. R. Martins, Beatriz Pereira, João Meirinhos, Ronald Ordinola-Zapata, Erick M. Souza, António Ginjeira

Version of Record online:05 November 2021


Impact of several NiTi‐thermally treated instrumentation systems on biomechanical preparation of curved root canals in extracted mandibular molars

Kleber Kildare Teodoro de Carvalho, Igor Bassi Ferreira Petean, Alice Corrêa Silva-Sousa, Rafael Verardino de Camargo, Jardel Francisco Mazzi-Chaves, Yara Teresinha Corrêa Silva-Sousa, Manoel Damião Sousa-Neto

Version of Record online:04 November 2021