International Endodontic Journal - December 2021

18 November 2021

International Endodontic Journal - December 2021

International Endodontic Journal
Volume 54, Issue 12

Pages: 2151-2333

December 2021

Issue Information

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Issue Information

Pages: 2151 | First Published:18 November 2021


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New Editor‐in‐Chief of the International Endodontic Journal

Paul M. H. Dummer

Pages: 2153 | First Published:18 November 2021

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Editor‐in‐Chief thanks the Associate Editors, Editorial Board and Referees

Paul M. H. Dummer

Pages: 2154-2155 | First Published:18 November 2021

Clinical Research

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A prospective clinical study investigating the effectiveness of partial pulpotomy after relating preoperative symptoms to a new and established classification of pulpitis

Roberto Careddu, Henry F. Duncan

Pages: 2156-2172 | First Published:07 September 2021

A prospective cohort study evaluating the outcome of root canal retreatment in symptomatic mandibular first molars with periapical lesions

Burcu Serefoglu, Seniha Miçooğulları Kurt, Gözde Kandemir Demirci, Mehmet Emin Kaval, Mehmet Kemal Çalışkan

Pages: 2173-2183 | First Published:13 September 2021

Review Articles

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Outcome measures to assess the effectiveness of endodontic treatment for pulpitis and apical periodontitis for use in the development of European Society of Endodontology S3‐level clinical practice guidelines: A consensus‐based development

Henry F. Duncan, Venkateshbabu Nagendrababu, Ikhlas El-Karim, Paul M.H. Dummer

Pages: 2184-2194 | First Published:07 September 2021

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Does MTA provide a more favourable histological response than other materials in the repair of furcal perforations? A systematic review

Lucas Siqueira Pinheiro, Patricia Maria Poli Kopper, Ramiro Martins Quintana, Roberta Kochenborger Scarparo, Fabiana Soares Grecca

Pages: 2195-2218 | First Published:21 August 2021

Basic Research – Biological

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Reduction of dual‐species biofilm after sonic‐ or ultrasonic‐activated irrigation protocols: A laboratory study

Daniela Hoedke, Namira Kaulika, Henrik Dommisch, Sebastian Schlafer, Hagay Shemesh, Kerstin Bitter

Pages: 2219-2228 | First Published:21 August 2021

Dorsomorphin attenuates Jagged1‐induced mineralization in human dental pulp cells

Jeeranan Manokawinchoke, Thiphon Watcharawipas, Kamoltham Ekmetipunth, Manoch Jiamjirachart, Thanaphum Osathanon

Pages: 2229-2242 | First Published:29 August 2021

Effectiveness of D,L‐2‐hydroxyisocaproic acid (HICA) and alpha‐mangostin against endodontopathogenic microorganisms in a multispecies bacterial–fungal biofilm in an ex vivo tooth model

Warat Leelapornpisid, Lilyann Novak-Frazer, Alison Qualtrough, Riina Rautemaa-Richardson

Pages: 2243-2255 | First Published:02 September 2021

How is carious pulp exposure and symptomatic irreversible pulpitis managed in UK primary dental care?

David Edwards, Oliver Bailey, Simon J. Stone, Hal Duncan

Pages: 2256-2275 | First Published:06 September 2021

Effect of red wine or its polyphenols on induced apical periodontitis in rats

Renan Dal-Fabbro, Leopoldo Cosme-Silva, Fernanda Rezende Silva Martins de Oliveira, Letícia Cabrera Capalbo, Flávia Alfredo Plazza, Edilson Ervolino, Luciano Tavares Angelo Cintra, João Eduardo Gomes-Filho

Pages: 2276-2289 | First Published:17 September 2021

Basic Research – Technical

The effects of endodontic access cavity design on dentine removal and effectiveness of canal instrumentation in maxillary molars

Dan Wang, Wei Wang, Yu-Jiao Li, Yi-Rong Wang, Tao Hong, Shi-Zhu Bai, Yu Tian

Pages: 2290-2299 | First Published:29 August 2021

The shaping ability of WaveOne Gold, TRUShape and XP‐endo Shaper systems in oval‐shaped distal canals of mandibular molars: A microcomputed tomographic analysis

Ane Poly, Fernando Marques, Luciana Moura Sassone, Bekir Karabucak

Pages: 2300-2306 | First Published:02 September 2021

A laboratory study to assess the physical, mechanical, and 3‐D structural properties of nano‐apatite grafted glass fibre‐based endodontic posts

Abdul S. Khan, Yara K. AlMaimouni, Mashael A. Benrashed, Nujood I. Alyousef, Usama Siddiqui, Niyaz Ahmad, Ijlal S. Ateeq, Abbas S. Hakeem

Pages: 2307-2320 | First Published:08 September 2021


Open Access

The change in self‐efficacy of novice dentists in Endodontics within the first year following graduation from Aarhus University or the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam

Annemarie Baaij, Michael Vӕth, Ahmet R. Özok, Corine M. Visscher, Lise-Lotte Kirkevang

Pages: 2321-2329 | First Published:02 September 2021

Letter to the Editor

China is near. Or not?

Giovanni Mergoni, Giovanni Lodi, Maddalena Manfredi

Pages: 2330-2331 | First Published:18 November 2021

Editorial endorsement of good research practices

Rafael Sarkis-Onofre, Lara Dotto, Tatiana Pereira-Cenci, Bernardo Antonio Agostini

Pages: 2332-2333 | First Published:18 November 2021