International Endodontic Journal

11 December 2021

International Endodontic Journal

International Endodontic Journal
Volume 55, Issue 1

Pages: 1-140

January 2022

Issue Information

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Issue Information

Pages: 1 | First Published:09 December 2021


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International Endodontic Journal 2022 – The beginning of a new era

Henry F. Duncan

Pages: 3-4 | First Published:09 December 2021

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The Bristish Endodontic Society – Editorial

Pages: 5 | First Published:09 December 2021

Clinical Research

Open Access

Endodontic inflammatory disease: A risk indicator for a first myocardial infarction

Dan Sebring, Kåre Buhlin, Anna Norhammar, Lars Rydén, Peter Jonasson, EndoReCo , Henrik Lund, Thomas Kvist

Pages: 6-17 | First Published:24 September 2021

Potential relationship between clinical symptoms and the root canal microbiomes of root filled teeth based on the next‐generation sequencing

Yajing Hou, Liu Wang, Lan Zhang, Xuelian Tan, Dingming Huang, Dongzhe Song

Pages: 18-29 | First Published:30 September 2021

Prevalence of periapical lesions, root canal treatments and restorations in teeth adjacent to implant‐ or tooth‐supported crowns: A multi‐centre cross‐sectional study

Abayomi O. Baruwa, Jorge N. R. Martins, Beatriz Pereira, João Meirinhos, Ronald Ordinola-Zapata, Erick M. Souza, António Ginjeira

Pages: 30-37 | First Published:22 October 2021

Basic Research – Biological

Effect of butyrate, a bacterial by‐product, on the viability and ICAM‐1 expression/production of human vascular endothelial cells: Role in infectious pulpal/periapical diseases

Mei-Chi Chang, Tong-Mei Wang, Hua-Hong Chien, Yu-Hwa Pan, Yi-Ling Tsai, Po-Yuan Jeng, Li-Deh Lin, Jiiang-Huei Jeng

Pages: 38-53 | First Published:22 August 2021

The induction of inflammation by the cGAS–STING pathway in human dental pulp cells: A laboratory investigation

Xinxin Tian, Chao Liu, Zhongquan Wang

Pages: 54-63 | First Published:27 September 2021

Periapical lesions in two inbred strains of rats differing in immunological reactivity

Suzana Zivanovic, Milos Papic, Tamara Vucicevic, Marina Miletic Kovacevic, Nemanja Jovicic, Nadja Nikolic, Jelena Milasin, Verica Paunovic, Vladimir Trajkovic, Slobodanka Mitrovic, Miodrag L Lukic, Aleksandra Lukic, Biljana Ljujic

Pages: 64-78 | First Published:06 October 2021

Human three‐dimensional dental pulp organoid model for toxicity screening of dental materials on dental pulp cells and tissue

Xiaoqi Xu, Zheng Li, Xiaoqing Ai, Yin Tang, Deqin Yang, Lei Dou

Pages: 79-88 | First Published:29 September 2021

Eggshell derived nano‐hydroxyapatite incorporated carboxymethyl chitosan scaffold for dentine regeneration: A laboratory investigation

Kaviya Baskar, Balasubramanian Saravana Karthikeyan, Ishwarya Gurucharan, Sekar Mahalaxmi, Gurusamy Rajkumar, Vijayakumar Dhivya, Anil Kishen

Pages: 89-102 | First Published:07 October 2021

Basic Research – Technical

Influence of conservative endodontic access cavities on instrumentation of oval‐shaped straight root canals

Ana Raquel Lopes dos Santos Miranda, João Daniel Mendonça de Moura, Pedro Henrique Souza Calefi, Pablo Andrés Amoroso Silva, Marilia Fagury Videira Marceliano-Alves, Ricardo Tadeu Lopes, Rodrigo Ricci Vivan, Patrícia de Almeida Rodrigues

Pages: 103-112 | First Published:24 September 2021

Influence of access cavity preparation on the dentine thickness of mesial canals of mandibular molars prepared with reciprocating instruments

Emmanuel J. N. L. Silva, Carolina O. Lima, Ana Flávia A. Barbosa, Thiago Moreira, Erick M. Souza, Gustavo De-Deus, Marco A. Versiani

Pages: 113-123 | First Published:03 October 2021

Impact of several NiTi‐thermally treated instrumentation systems on biomechanical preparation of curved root canals in extracted mandibular molars

Kleber Kildare Teodoro de Carvalho, Igor Bassi Ferreira Petean, Alice Corrêa Silva-Sousa, Rafael Verardino de Camargo, Jardel Francisco Mazzi-Chaves, Yara Teresinha Corrêa Silva-Sousa, Manoel Damião Sousa-Neto

Pages: 124-136 | First Published:22 October 2021

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Adham A. Azim

Pages: 137-138 | First Published:09 December 2021

Response to the letter from Dr Azim

Tingjun Liu, Lihong Guo

Pages: 139-140 | First Published:09 December 2021


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