Farewell to Paul and Sue

1 December 2021

Farewell to Paul and Sue

On behalf of the ESE Executive Board, General Assembly and all of our members, it is time to voice our sincere gratitude to Paul Dummer, who completes his term as President on 31st December 2021.

Paul’s contribution to the ESE has been exceptional, with an unbroken record of dedicated service spanning 22 years, as ESE Editor in 1999, Secretary in 2010, inaugural Chief Executive Officer in 2019 and finally as President from 2021. It would take many pages to record his achievements in transforming our Society and extending its global profile and reach. ESE members will of course recognise high profile activity such as the outstanding Biennial and Autumn meetings, guideline development, position statements, awareness campaigns, educational videos, social media presence and postgraduate programme accreditation process that he has orchestrated and passionately driven. Perhaps as important is his tireless work behind the scenes in professionalising the Society and ensuring our compliance with strict regulation, governance and ethical best practice as befits a world-class non-profit organisation - educationally-driven, research-centred, membership-focussed, patient-oriented, evidence-based, globally active, independent and objective, influential, sustainable, friendly, open and inclusive, responsible and transparent. What a legacy!

And behind every great man, as the song-line goes, there has to be a great woman, and we must not miss this opportunity to acknowledge with gratitude the enormous role of Sue Bryant in supporting Paul and all ESE business throughout this unprecedented period of sustained growth.

I’m not sure we can ever thank them enough for all of their selfless service, for the personal support they have given to so many of us and for being such decent and agreeable people to work with.

So we acknowledge with some sadness and heart-felt thanks all that Paul and Sue have done for Endodontology and for the ESE, but also recognise the broad shoulders we stand upon and hope that we honour their legacy as we move into the next phase of our development.

Paul and Sue, we wish you a long, happy and healthy retirement, we hope that you bring similar transformation to your beautiful Northamptonshire garden and hope that you stay in touch.