Dental Traumatology - Volume 38, Issue 2 - Pages: i-iii, 97-167 April 2022

15 March 2022

Dental Traumatology - Volume 38, Issue 2 - Pages: i-iii, 97-167 April 2022



Paul V. Abbott

Pages: 97 | First Published:10 March 2022



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Odontoma malformation and disturbances of eruption subsequent to traumatic dental injuries: A literature review and a case report

Daniela R. Silva, Anna L. Shahinian

Pages: 98-104 | First Published:07 January 2022


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Implant treatment after traumatic tooth loss: A systematic review

Frej Nørgaard Petersen, Simon Storgård Jensen, Morten Dahl

Pages: 105-116 | First Published:08 January 2022



The transitional care pathway following traumatic dental injuries: Patient perspectives

Emma Morgan, Kathryn Fox, Fadi Jarad, Sondos Albadri

Pages: 117-122 | First Published:27 October 2021


Association between obesity and traumatic dental injuries in pre‐school children—A case‐control study

Maria E. C. Soares, Ednele F. Primo-Miranda, Rodrigo Galo, Larissa S. Mourão, Joana Ramos-Jorge, Maria L. Ramos-Jorge

Pages: 123-128 | First Published:16 November 2021


Troublesome behaviour and traumatic dental injuries during adolescence

Enas Kambal, Wagner Marcenes, Stephen A. Stansfeld, Eduardo Bernabé

Pages: 129-135 | First Published:08 January 2022


Follow‐up evaluation of temporomandibular joints using magnetic resonance imaging after mandibular trauma: Case series analysis of young adult males

Jeong-Kui Ku, Sung Hyun Baik, Jae-Young Kim, Jong-Ki Huh

Pages: 136-142 | First Published:22 November 2021


Comparative evaluation of the force required to fracture coronal segments reattached using different methods

Deepti Sreen, Dax Abraham, Alpa Gupta, Arundeep Singh, Vivek Aggarwal, Nishant Chauhan, Sucheta Jala, Namrata Mehta

Pages: 143-148 | First Published:22 December 2021


Appropriate fabrication method for pressure‐formed mouthguards using polyolefin sheets

Yuko Watarai, Fumi Mizuhashi, Kaoru Koide

Pages: 149-155 | First Published:13 December 2021



Adverse events during sedation for oro‐dental trauma in an Israeli paediatric emergency department

Leon Bilder, Simona Librov, Zvi Gutmacher, Idit Pasternak, Itai Shavit

Pages: 156-159 | First Published:26 October 2021



Intrusive luxation of permanent upper central incisor into the nasal cavity: A case report

José Wilson Noleto, Nathalie Murielly Rolim de Abreu, Karola Mayra dos Santos Vicente, Ana Verônica Navarro Almeida da Silva, Déborah Rocha Seixas, Ludmila Silva de Figueiredo

Pages: 160-164 | First Published:14 December 2021



Maxillofacial trauma scoring systems in the assessment of oral and maxillofacial trauma

Vaibhav Sahni

Pages: 165-166 | First Published:07 January 2022


A step further in dental trauma assessment

Vaibhav Sahni

Pages: 167 | First Published:02 January 2022