Dental Traumatology - Volume 37, Issue 3

12 May 2021

Dental Traumatology - Volume 37, Issue 3


Dental Traumatology
Volume 37, Issue 3

Pages: i-iii, 365-536

June 2021


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Pages: i-iii | First Published: 11 May 2021


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The top 100 most‐cited papers authored by Dr. Jens Ove Andreasen: A bibliometric analysis

Pablo Silveira Santos, Natália dos Santos, Bárbara Suelen Moccelini, Michele Bolan, Carla Miranda Santana, Paulo Antônio Martins‐Junior, Mariane Cardoso

Pages: 365-382 | First Published: 22 March 2021

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The prevalence of traumatic dental injuries in primary teeth: A systematic review and meta‐analysis

Arun Kumar Patnana, Ankita Chugh, Vinay Kumar Chugh, Pravin Kumar, Narasimha Rao V. Vanga, Surjit Singh

Pages: 383-399 | First Published: 01 December 2020



Checklist for the initial evaluation of oral and maxillofacial trauma

Glaciele M. de Souza, Ighor A. Fernandes, Endi L. Galvão, Saulo G. M. Falci

Pages: 400-406 | First Published: 03 December 2020


Maxillofacial trauma following road accidents—An 11‐year multi‐center study in Israel

Shmuel Einy, Sharon Goldman, Irina Radomislensky, Israel Trauma Group (ITG) , Moran Bodas, Kobi Peleg

Pages: 407-413 | First Published: 01 December 2020


Dental trauma and tongue injuries in professional alpine ski racing—A worldwide survey

Jasmin Ineichen, Thomas Connert, Sebastian Kühl, Andreas Filippi

Pages: 414-418 | First Published: 29 December 2020


Profiles of traumatic dental injuries among children aged 0–15 years in Cappadocia, Turkey: A retrospective cohort study

Hüsniye Gümüş, Gülce Öztürk, Büşra Kürem

Pages: 419-429 | First Published: 06 January 2021


Prognosis of teeth in mandibular fracture lines

Won‐Bum Lee, Yong‐Deok Kim, Sang‐Hun Shin, Jae‐Yeol Lee

Pages: 430-435 | First Published: 09 January 2021


Trends in mandibular fracture patterns in central Telangana – A retrospective overview and analysis

Visalakshi Devarakonda, Prasad Navakoti, Raghavendra Prasad Sungal, Chaitan Sakleshpur Mruthyunjaya, Anil Kumar Karanam, Arshiya Sanobar

Pages: 436-439 | First Published: 11 January 2021


A retrospective analysis of the optimal time and psychological impact of decoronation in children and adolescents

Lili Zhang, Meng Wang, Liang Xue, Weiwei Zhou, Xin Zhang, Luyuan Jin, Dengsheng Xia, Yi Gong

Pages: 440-446 | First Published: 07 January 2021


Pulp healing in immature replanted permanent teeth: A competing risk analysis

Roberta Gabriela Amaro, Letícia Canhestro Machado dos Santos, Thiago César da Silva Lima, Sylvia Cury Coste, Daniela Augusta Barbato Ferreira, Maria Ilma de Souza Côrtes, Enrico Antonio Colosimo, Juliana Vilela Bastos

Pages: 447-456 | First Published: 09 January 2021


Geomorphologic study of human tooth root surfaces following simulated avulsion by scanning electron microscopy

Qian‐Wen Ding, Mei Lin, Xin Zhang, Yi Gong

Pages: 457-463 | First Published: 26 December 2020


On the ability of experimental impact measures to predict tooth injuries in an ex vivo swine model

Kathryn P. Houg, Kevin Adanty, Samantha R. MacGillivray, Lowell McAllister, Liran Levin, Maria Alexiou, Daniel Graf, Dan L. Romanyk, Christopher R. Dennison

Pages: 464-473 | First Published: 07 February 2021


Radiographic assessment of the response of teeth following trauma during screw placement for maxillo‐mandibular fixation

İlker Burgaz, Mustafa Zengin, Sina Uckan

Pages: 474-478 | First Published: 27 January 2021


Epidemiology of maxillofacial soft tissue injuries in an oral emergency department in Beijing: A two‐year retrospective study

Hua‐Qiu Guo, Xue Yang, Xiao‐Tong Wang, Shuo Li, Ai‐Ping Ji, Jie Bai

Pages: 479-487 | First Published: 10 January 2021


A 3‐Year retrospective study of traumatic dental Injuries to the primary dentition

Beste Özgür, Gizem Erbaş Ünverdi, Hamdi Cem Güngör, Dennis J. McTigue, Paul S. Casamassimo

Pages: 488-496 | First Published: 13 January 2021


Difference in laminated mouthguard thickness according to the laminate order

Fumi Mizuhashi, Kaoru Koide, Yuko Watarai

Pages: 497-501 | First Published: 29 December 2020


Effect on thickness of a single‐layer mouthguard of positional relationship between suction port of the vacuum forming device and the model

Mutsumi Takahashi, Yogetsu Bando

Pages: 502-509 | First Published: 28 January 2021



What is new in the 2020 International Association of Dental Traumatology emergency treatment guidelines?

Lawrence Alvino, William Nguyen Ha, Wing Chuan Chan, Giampiero Rossi‐Fedele

Pages: 510-520 | First Published: 13 March 2021



Tooth autotransplantation using an interdisciplinary approach to rehabilitation in a young patient: Case report with 7‐year follow‐up

Christianne Velozo, Luiz Ricardo Nogueira, Luiz Ricardo Nogueira Filho, Anderson Capistrano, Diana Santana de Albuquerque

Pages: 521-530 | First Published: 02 December 2020


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