Dental Traumatology - early view

18 July 2021

Dental Traumatology - early view


Dental Traumatology

Early View

Online Version of Record before inclusion in an issue


Reliability of information on YouTube™ regarding pediatric dental trauma

Kamile Nur Tozar, Günay Yapıcı Yavuz

Version of Record online: 21 July 2021


Comparison between periapical radiography and cone beam computed tomography for the diagnosis of anterior maxillary trauma in children and adolescents

Xiaoyan Sha, Ling Jin, Jianhui Han, Ying Li, Lili Zhang, Senrong Qi

Version of Record online: 18 July 2021

Free Access 


The association of inadequate lip coverage and malocclusion with dental trauma in Brazilian children and adolescents – A systematic review and meta‐analysis

Walbert de Andrade Vieira, Vanessa Gallego Arias Pecorari, Paulo Henrique Gabriel, Júlio Vargas-Neto, Eduardo César Almada Santos, Brenda Paula Figueiredo de Almeida Gomes, Caio Cézar Randi Ferraz, José Flávio Affonso de Almeida, Marina Marciano, Adriana de-Jesus-Soares

Version of Record online: 18 July 2021

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