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Past and Future for the ESE

The ESE is delighted to provide a presentation in several formats (PowerPoint, PDF and mp4) that sets out the Society’s:

  • History;
  • Purpose;
  • Structure;
  • Mission;
  • Aims & Objectives;
  • Strategic goals; and
  • Achievements.

The presentations can be used by individuals for their personal use, but also by programme directors, officers of national societies, dental schools, dental companies and others to inform their colleagues about the Society. The PowerPoint slide presentation can be customised by “hiding” selected slides to make the presentation more relevant to specific audiences. The PowerPoint slides and PDF contain links to the ESE and other websites to provide additional information and to aid understanding. 

Those looking at the presentations will come to learn about the background to the Society, including when it was formed and by whom. Those with an interest in the Society will also appreciate knowing more about its organisational structure, achievements and strategic goals. Finally, you can learn how to support the Society in future by becoming an individual member.

Downloads: Powerpoint (large so be patient), MP4 and PDF.

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