New Corporate partner - COLTENE

28 February 2022

New Corporate partner - COLTENENew Corporate partner - COLTENE

ESE welcomes COLTENE as a Corporate Partner


The ESE is delighted to announce its Corporate Partnership with leading endodontic manufacturer and distributor, COLTENE. This exciting initiative represents the culmination of many months of planning and negotiation and will support the ESE in providing the resources and stability to strengthen its development in coming years.

For the information of ESE members, a Corporate Partnership represents a mutually beneficial relationship between a non-profit or charitable organization and a for-profit business, whose purpose is to pursue a common goal based on the shared values of the participating organizations.

In entering this three-year agreement, the ESE will enjoy the financial stability of Platinum-level sponsorship at each of its 2022 and 2023 Congresses and high-level sponsorship of its 2024 Autumn meeting. With this guaranteed support, the ESE will be strongly placed to deliver and expand its services to the endodontic community, including the award of significant research and education grants, guideline and position statement development, enhanced communications and the development of educational outputs including patient information videos.

It is important to note that ESE Corporate Partnerships ensure the complete autonomy and independence of the ESE in all of its arrangements, including its values, aspirations, core business and strategic plans. Corporate Partners will benefit from their general association and partnership with the ESE, as well as having enhanced visibility as a result of the company name and logo being associated with a range of ESE initiatives and events.

We welcome COLTENE as a valued Corporate Partner and look forward to the opportunities that this relationship will facilitate.


John Whitworth, ESE President