Journal of Endodontic - current issue

23 August 2021

Journal of Endodontic - current issue



Insights into the September 2021 Issue of the JOE
Anita Aminoshariae, Amir Azarpazhooh, Anibal R. Diogenes, Ashraf F. Fouad, Gerald N. Glickman, Anil Kishen, Ariadne M. Letra, Linda Levin, Robert S. Roda, Frank C. Setzer, Franklin R. Tay, Kenneth M. Hargreaves

AAE Position Statement

AAE Position Statement on Vital Pulp Therapy

CONSORT Randomized Clinical Trial

Effect of Apical Third Enlargement to Different Preparation Sizes and Tapers on Postoperative Pain and Outcome of Primary Endodontic Treatment: A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial
Shazra Fatima, Ashok Kumar, Syed Mukhtar Un Nisar Andrabi, Surendra Kumar Mishra, Rajendra Kumar Tewari

Review Article

Artificial Intelligence in Endodontics: Current Applications and Future Directions
Anita Aminoshariae, Jim Kulild, Venkateshbabu Nagendrababu

Uncertainty Bounds in Clinical Trials Published in Endodontic Journals within the Last 5 Years: Are We Confident on What We Read?
Giorgos N. Tzanetakis, Despina Koletsi

Clinical Research

Comprehensive Analysis of Differentially Expressed Genes in Clinically Diagnosed Irreversible Pulpitis by Multiplatform Data Integration Using a Robust Rank Aggregation Approach
Liu Liu, Tianyi Wang, Dingming Huang, Dongzhe Song

Associations between Pain Severity, Clinical Findings, and Endodontic Disease: A Cross-Sectional Study
Ozge Erdogan, Matthew Malek, Jennifer L. Gibbs

Oral Functional Behaviors and Tooth Factors Associated with Cracked Teeth in Asymptomatic Patients
Pasinee Nuamwisudhi, Thanomsuk Jearanaiphaisarn

Influence of Voxel Size and Filter Application in Detecting Second Mesiobuccal Canals in Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Images
Sâmia Mouzinho-Machado, Lucas de Paula Lopes Rosado, Fernanda Coelho-Silva, Frederico Sampaio Neves, Francisco Haiter-Neto, Sergio Lins de-Azevedo-Vaz

Factors Associated with Incomplete Endodontic Care
Carla Y. Falcon, Anthony R. Arena, Rebecca Hublall, Craig S. Hirschberg, Paul A. Falcon

Regenerative Endodontics

Dental Pulp Autotransplantation: A New Modality of Endodontic Regenerative Therapy—Follow-Up of 3 Clinical Cases
Victor Pinheiro Feitosa, Mara Natiere Gonçalves Mota, Lorena Vasconcelos Vieira, Diego Martins de Paula, Lívia Lisboa Ribeiro Gomes, Luzia Kelly Rios Solheiro, Manoel Asciton de Aguiar Neto, Diego Armando Leite Carvalho, Francisbênia Alves Silvestre

Activation of Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin 1 and Vanilloid 1 Channels Promotes Odontogenic Differentiation of Human Dental Pulp Cells
Yaxin Lou, Yangqiu Liu, Jiange Zhao, Weiping Tian, Na Xu, Chengcheng Zang, Kehua Que

Basic Research


Influence of Preoperative Pulp Inflammation in the Outcome of Full Pulpotomy Using a Dog Model
João Miguel Santos, Joana A. Marques, Patrícia Diogo, Ana Messias, Vitor Sousa, Diana Sequeira, Paulo J. Palma

Fibroblasts Control Macrophage Differentiation during Pulp Inflammation
Chloé Le Fournis, Charlotte Jeanneau, Thomas Giraud, Ikhlas El Karim, Fionnuala T. Lundy, Imad About

Engineered Chitosan-based Nanoparticles Modulate Macrophage–Periodontal Ligament Fibroblast Interactions in Biofilm-mediated Inflammation
Hebatullah Hussein, Anil Kishen


Computer-Controlled CO2 Laser Ablation System for Cone-beam Computed Tomography and Digital Image Guided Endodontic Access: A Pilot Study
Jacob C. Simon, Jason W. Kwok, Frank Vinculado, Daniel Fried
Open Access

Accuracy and Efficiency of 3-dimensional Dynamic Navigation System for Removal of Fiber Post from Root Canal–Treated Teeth
Anmar Janabi, Patricia A. Tordik, Ina L. Griffin, Behzad Mostoufi, Jeffey B. Price, Priya Chand, Frederico C. Martinho

The Osteogenic Assessment of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate–based Endodontic Sealers in an Organotypic Ex Vivo Bone Development Model
Pedro S. Gomes, Bruna Pinheiro, Bruno Colaço, Maria H. Fernandes

The Effect of Root Canal Preparation Size and Taper of Middle Mesial Canals on Fracture Resistance of the Mandibular Molar Teeth: An In Vitro Study
Yağmur Kılıç, Emrah Karataşlıoğlu, Mehmet Emin Kaval

Impact of Canal Taper and Access Cavity Design on the Life Span of an Endodontically Treated Mandibular Molar: A Finite Element Analysis
Mostafa M.A. Elkholy, Nawar Naguib Nawar, William Nguyen Ha, Shehabeldin Mohamed Saber, Hyeon-Cheol Kim

Analysis of Instrumentation Protocols Regarding the Quality of Mesial Canal Preparation in Mandibular Molars: A Micro–computed Tomographic Study
Flavia Darius Vivacqua, Marco Antonio Hungaro Duarte, Rodrigo Ricci Vivan, Murilo Priori Alcalde, Renan Diego Furlan, Clovis Monteiro Bramante

Syringe Irrigation in Minimally Shaped Root Canals Using 3 Endodontic Needles: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Study
Christos Boutsioukis, Patricia Gutierrez Nova
Open Access

Influence of Minimally Invasive Access Cavity Designs on the Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Mandibular Molars Subjected to Thermocycling and Dynamic Loading
Sneha Susan Santosh, Suma Ballal, Velmurugan Natanasabapathy

Effects of Root Canal Curvature and Mechanical Properties of Nickel-Titanium Files on Torque Generation
Sang Won Kwak, Jung-Hong Ha, Ya Shen, Markus Haapasalo, Hyeon-Cheol Kim

Case Report/Clinical Techniques

Ingrowth of Mineralized Tissue into the Root Canal of Immature Permanent Teeth after a Traumatic Injury: A Report of 3 Cases
Zameera Fida, Lucy Yu, Neeta Prabhu, Bill Kahler

Successful Pulp-Preserving Treatment for Peri-invagination Periodontitis of Double Dens Invaginatus With Oehlers Type IIIA and IIIB: A Case Report
Naoto Kamio, Natsuko Gomyo, Kiyoshi Matsushima

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