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Saturday 14th Hall 5

Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
09:00 An international survey on the use of hydraulic calcium silicate-based sealers in non surgical endodontic treatment
*Guivarc’h M, Jeanneau C, Giraud T, Pommel L, About I, Azim AA, Bukiet F
09:18 Thermal obturation of root canals under standardized conditions: An in vitro study.
*Wolf TG, Tennert C, Willems L, Briseño Marroquín B
09:36 Influence of Diode and Er,Cr: YSGG Laser use on the push-out bond strength of a bioceramic-based root canal filling
*Çiftçioğlu E, Barut G, Işık V, Arıcan Öztürk B, Karagöz-Küçükay I
09:54 Endodontic filling technique: comparative study of manual vs mechanical lateral condensation
Diemer F, Tchorowski-Pellizzari Y, Baldé I, Peli JF, *Hamdan R, Georgelin-Gurgel M
10:12 Do heated pluggers show the exact temperature?
*Bakırcı T, Yaltırık H, Baştürk FB, Günday M
11:00 Evaluation of the root canal tridimensional filling with warm vertical condensation, carrier-based technique and single cone with bioceramic sealer: a micro-CT study
*Moccia E, Dell'Acqua A, Alovisi M, Carpegna G, Comba A, Pasqualini D, Berutti E
11:18 Interaction of MTA-based cements and tissues
*Marciano MA, Pelepenko LE, Gomes BPFA, Soares AJ, Almeida JFA, Ferraz CR, Zaia AA
11:36 Dentinal tubule penetration of AH Plus, BC Sealer and a novel tricalcium silicate sealer: a confocal laser scanning microscopy study
*El Hachem R
11:54 Single cone obturation in Endodontics: What is new and what is true?
*Shehabeldin I
12:12 Dislocation resistence of three different tricalcium silicate cements
*Ruiz Durán C, González Losada C, González V
Poster Presentations / Trade Exhibition
Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
14:30 Biocompatibility and Osteogenic Potential of different bioceramic materials in endodontics: a comparative study
*Mola V, Annaratone L, Carpegna G, Comba A, Berutti E, Pasqualini D
14:48 Micro-CT analysis of the marginal adaptation and porosity associated with ultrasonic activation of Biodentine, NeoMTA Plus and ProRoot MTA.
*Dincer AN, Guneser MB, Sisli SN
15:06 Compressive strength of MTA mixed with distilled water in different temperatures
*Deniz Sungur D, Eymirli A, Uyanık Ö, Nagas E
15:24 An in-vitro micro-CT study of void presence in single rooted 3D printed teeth obturated with Bioceramics and hydraulic condensation with four different sealer dispersion techniques
Sarvestani M, Sturrock C, Seoudi N, Almasri M, *Prichard J
15:42 Effectiveness of different irrigation techniques on dentinal tubule penetration of bioseramic-based endodontic sealer
*Atav Ateş A, Ciftcioglu E, Arıcan Öztürk B, Küçükay S
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