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ESE Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize Competition

The European Society of Endodontology is offering a biennial prize, to be administered and awarded by the ESE Research Committee for the encouragement of research related to Endodontology.

The prize will be awarded during Biennial Congresses of the ESE.

Former Research Prize Winners

Brussels 2017
Virdee SS*, Farnell D, Seymour DW, Bhambra G, Bhakta S
Efficacy of irrigant activation techniques in removing intracanal smear layer and debris from mature permanent teeth: a systematic review & meta-analysis.

Barcelona 2015
Verstraeten J*, Meire MA, Jacquet W, De Moor RJ
Canal and isthmus cleanliness of mesial roots of mandibular molars after Laser Activated Irrigation: a micro-computed tomography study.

Lisbon 2013
Lottanti S*, Taubock TT, Zehnder M
Intracanal temperature and real-time shrinkage of thermoplasticized gutta-percha.

Rome 2011
D.K. Rechenberg*, T. Thurnheer & M. Zehnder
Potential systematic error in laboratory experiments on microbial leakage through filled root canals: an experimental study.

Edinburgh 2009
M. A. Meire*, K. De Prijck, T. Coenye, H. J. Nelis, R. J. G. De Moor. Evaluation of Nd:YAG and Er:YAG irradiation and antibacterial photodynamic therapy on Enterococcus faecalis biofilms. International Endodontic Journal 2009; 42: 1127 (RP1)

Istanbul 2007
not awarded

Dublin 2005
Tomson PLM*, Graham L, Smith AJ, Lumley PJ, Sloan AJ, Cooper PR: In vitro characterisation of the dentinogenic potential of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate. International Endodontic Journal 2005; 38: 916 (RP3)

Athens 2003
Saleh IM*, Ørstavik D, Haapasalo MP: Survival of Enterococcus faecalis in infected dentinal tubules after root canal filling with different root canal sealers. International Endodontic Journal 2003; 36: 922 (RP4)

Munich 2001
Sunde PT*, Olsen I, Eribe ER, Moter A, Tronstad L: Bacteria of asymptomatic periapical endodontic lesions identified by anaerobic cultivation and genetic methods. International Endodontic Journal 2002; 35: 79 (RP3)

Zagreb 1999
The prize was shared by Dres. L. Bergmans/Belgium and D. Stojan/Switzerland:

  • Bergmans L*, De Cort S, Abe Y, Lambrechts P: X-ray micro-CT (XMCT) for non-destructive evaluation of the shaping ability of NiTi rotary instruments and subsequent obturation.
  • Stojan D*, Lussi A: Penetration of root canal sealers in dentinal tubuli.

Gothenburg 1997
Debelian GJ, Olsen I, Tronstad L: Anaerobic bacteremia and fungemia of patients receiving endodontic treatment.

Tel Aviv 1995
It was announced that the former Research Prize for Endodontology shall from now on be called ESE Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize.

London 1993
Serefoglou M, Sykaras S, Panopoulos P: Changes in intradental nerve excitability after pretreatment of exposed dentin.

Amsterdam 1989
Winner: Ildikó J. Márton, Debrecen, Hungary

Madrid 1987
Award of the Research Prize for Endodontology for the first time
Winner: Petra Wilder-Smith, Germany

Geneva 1985
Decision for establishing the Research Prize for Endodontology was made. Sponsors were FKG Dentaire CH, Maillefer and W.A. Adlivankine.

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