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Vienna - General Information

Vienna in numbers
Area: 415 kmĀ²
Districts: 23
Population: 1.8 million
Elevation: 171 m (Stephansplatz)
Language: German
Currency: Euro

German is spoken in Austria, and the most commonly spoken foreign language is English.

The local currency is the Euro (EUR).
ATM machines are found everywhere from where the local currency can be obtained.
Foreign currencies can be exchanged in banks and exchange offices

The typical mains voltage for households (as well as hotels) in Vienna is 230 volts (alternating current)

The telephone prefix for calling Vienna from other countries is: + 43 1

Vienna is in the Central European Time Zone (CET): GMT + 1 hour.

Vienna has a mild continental climate. Even if the occasional winter day is icy and some days in high summer can bring sweltering heat to the palaces of the old city, most days of the year the weather matches the residents of the city: friendly, mild and moderate in every respect ...

Smoking is not permitted inside trains, trams, buses and other forms of public transport. People are allowed to smoke outside. Smoking is not permitted inside the conference building.

Tipping habits and amounts are pretty much the same in Vienna as elsewhere in major western cities. normally add 5% to 15% to the bill so it’s rounded up to a convenient number. Tip porters, taxi drivers, waiters and waitresses, hairdressers and anybody who fixes anything in your apartment.

Visa Information
Delegates travelling to Vienna from outside the EU must ensure that they have the proper documentation before departure. Visa letters are available through the Congress Secretariat.

Emergency contacts:
Emergency: 112
Fire service: 122
Police: 133
Ambulance: 144

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