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The following prizes were presented at the congress: (the individual prize winner is identified by *)

Wladimir Adlivankine Prize 2500 Euros

*Virdee SS, Farnell D, Seymour DW, Bhambra G, Bhakta S
Efficacy of irrigant activation techniques in removing intracanal smear layer and debris from mature permanent teeth: a systematic review & meta-analysis

Education Prize 2500 Euros

The prize was awarded jointly to: 

*Baaij A, Özok AR
Influence of method of teaching endodontology on the self-efficacy and self-perceived competence of undergraduate students.


*Reymus MR, Diegritz CD
Self-printed artificial teeth for endodontic education

Original Scientific Poster Oral Prize Presentation Prize 250 Euros

The prize was awarded jointly to:

Prati C, Pirani C, *Zamparini F, Gatto MR, Gandolfi MG
A 20-year clinical study: functionality and success of root canal treatments


 *Andrade FB, Midena RZ, Dionísio TJ, Morandini AC, Cuéllar MRC, Santos CF, Stipp RN
Gene expression of adhesion factors and biofilm formation by Fusobacterium nucleatum strains isolated from root canals

Clinical Poster Oral Prize Presentations prize 250 Euros

*Dembinskaite A, Veberiene R, Machiulskiene V
Successful endodontic and surgical treatment of dens invaginatus with infected invagination and vital pulp: a case report

Clinical video presentation Prize 250 Euros

*Ruiz XF, Abella F, Durán-Sindreu F, Roig-Cayón M
Combined treatment of a type III palatogingival groove with an accessory root in a maxillary lateral incisor: root canal therapy and intentional replantation

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