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How to become a Specialist or Guest Specialist Member of the ESE

In order to become an individual Specialist member or Guest Specialist member of the ESE, you need to provide documentation that you have certain skills/knowledge and/or training in Endodontology.

To become a specialist member you must be an individual member of one of the ESE member societies shown on the right.

If not, the ESE provides guest specialist membership to dentists, who are not living/working in countries represented by an ESE full or associate member society, but who wish for an "endodontic homeland" and fulfil certain requirements. Guest specialist member applicants can apply through route 1, 3, 4 or 5, but not route 2.

The rules


Individuals who wish to apply for specialist or guest specialist membership must forward their formal application, via one of the routes (below), with appropriate documentation using the ‘To apply online’ link below.

There are 5 routes for applicants:

  1. Route 1: Graduates from ESE-accredited specialist training programmes in Endodontology;
  2. Route 2: Grand-parenting of existing specialists in countries where Endodontics is recognised as a speciality and that have national endodontic/dental societies affiliated with the ESE. That is: Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom; (not applicable for Guest)
  3. Route 3: Grand-parenting of existing de facto specialists;
  4. Route 4: Mediated entry - where non-ESE-accredited training is considered equivalent to ESE-accredited specialist training;
  5. Route 5: Mediated entry - no formal national recognition as a specialist in Endodontology but can demonstrate evidence of a major contribution to Endodontology through education and research.

To apply online click here.

The applications will be assessed by the ESE Membership Committee. Those individuals accepted as having fulfilled the requirements of a specialist member will be recommended to the Executive Board for entry on to the Specialist Member or Guest Specialist Member list. The decision by the Executive Board will be final and non-appealable.

To download a PDF with information on each application pathway click here.

Application fees
The application fee for ESE Certified or Guest Certified Members is 0 Euros
The application fee for Ordinary Members or Guests is 250 Euros

Membership fees
Membership runs from the 1st January to 31st December each year. The Specialist membership fee is €250 per year. Payment includes mandatory subscription to the International Endodontic Journal.

The Benefits

  • The honour of being recognised as a Specialist or Guest Specialist member of the ESE;
  • Ability to use ESE-specialist or ESE-guest-specialist membership status (depending on local regulations) on CVs, practice documentation and signage;
  • Reduced registration fee at ESE and other meetings;
  • Personal details, if desired, available on the ESE website for the general public, general dentists and colleagues to access;
  • Subscription to the IEJ at a reduced rate (if not already received through your National Society);
  • Emails informing you of events and news of interest;
  • Invitations to social events at ESE congresses;
  • New members welcomed at ESE biennial conference;
  • Support of ESE research, developments in education, Position Statement and Guideline development through the Specialist Membership fee;
  • Networking with a group of ESE member colleagues;
  • Invitation to biennial research and clinical meetings;
  • Scientific oral session dedicated to this group at the biennial conference (potential).


Full members
ALAlbanian Endodontic Society
ATAustrian Society for Endodontology (OEGEndo)
BEBelgian Association for Endodontology and Traumatology (BAET)
GBBritish Endodontic Society
HRCroatian Endodontic Society
CYCyprus Society of Endodontology
CZCzech Endodontic Society
DKDanish Endodontic Society
FIDivision of Cariology and Endodontics of the Finnish Dental Society Apollonia
RUEndodontology Society of the Russia Dental Association (ESRDA)
EEEstonian Endodontic Society
BEFlemish Society for Endodontology vzw (FSfE)
FRFrench Society of Endodontics
DEGerman Society of Endodontology and Traumatology (DGET)
GRHellenic Association of Endodontists
GRHellenic Society of Endodontology
HUHungarian Society of Endodontology
IEIrish Endodontic Society
ILIsrael Endodontic Society
ITItalian Academy of Endodontics (AIE)
ITItalian Endodontic Society (SIE)
KVKosova Society of Endodontology
LVLatvian Society of Endodontology
LBLebanese Society of Endodontology
LTLithuanian Society of Endodontology
NONorwegian Endodontic Society
PLPolish Endodontic Association
PTPortuguese Society of Endodontology
RORomanian Association of Endodontology (ARE)
RSSerbian Endodontic Society
SKSlovak Endodontic Society
SISlovenian Endodontic Society
ESSpanish Endodontic Society (AEDE)
SESwedish Endodontic Society
CHSwiss Society for Endodontology
NLTEN - Section of dentist and endodontologists of the Dutch association for endodontology
TRTurkish Endodontic Society
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