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History of the ESE

On 24th April 1982 twelve participants at the American Association of Endodontists Congress (see picture) in Phoenix, Arizona, USA founded a European Academy of Endodontology to replace and enhance the one created in 1971 by Gilbert Crussol of Paris.

A provisional Council of the European Academy of Endodontology met in Bournemouth , UK on 10th September 1982. Three additional colleagues joined them: Kuralen (N), Milthon (S) and Velmans (NL).

Formation of the ESE(from left to right): Rafael Miñana (SP), Henning Rocke (D), Fred Harty (UK & Australia), Gilbert Crussol (F), Peter Guldener (CH), Arnaldo Castellucci (I), Aviad Tamse (IL), Giorgio Lavagnoli (I), Chris Stock (UK), Basil Tsatsas (GR), Ralph Mutschelknaus (D), Cesar Almeida (P)

The following officers were elected for a period of two years: Lavagnoli (President), Crussol (Past President), Guldener (President Elect), Miñana (Vice President), Castelluci (Secretary), Harty (Editor).

During the following Council Meeting held in Madrid during May 1983 it was decided to rename the European Academy of Endodontology as the European Society of Endodontology (ESE).

In 1983 the inaugural Biennial Congress of the ESE was held at the Lido in Venice , Italy along with the 4th Congress of the Italian Society of Endodontics.

Two years later the ESE logo was officially approved and next to the already existing category "Active Member" the category "Honorary Member" was established.

During the 3rd Biennial Congress in Madrid the ESE Research Prize was established and awarded for the first time. Since 1995 this award has been named the Wladimir Adlivankine ESE Research Prize, named after the Secretary and Treasurer of the ESE from 1987 to 1995.

In the first 18 years of its existence the ESE was managed by an elected Executive Committee that represented approximately 150 Active Members. Following much work by Paul Wesselink (ESE Secretary 1995-2001) the ESE adopted a new status as the "umbrella organisation" for European endodontic societies/associations during the 11th Biennial Congress in Munich (2001).

The new federal structure of the ESE was supported by an Executive Board that was itself overseen by a re-constituted General Assembly consisting of elected representatives from the Full member societies.

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