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Young Investigators Research Grant - Past Awards


Greig D Taylor
Newcastle University
Primary Care Dentists’ management of permanent dentition traumatic dental injuries in 7-16 year-olds: a mixed methods approach
Award: 5000 Euros

Victoria Dawson
Malmö University 
Coronal restoration in root-filled and non-root-filled teeth. Studies on periapical status, tooth survival, subsequent treatments and treatment decisions
Award: 5000 Euros


Matthias Widbiller
University Hospital Regensburg
Infected dentin – Effect of LPS and dentine matrix proteins on human dental pulp stem cells
Award: 5000 Euros

Maxime Ducret
Lyon University Hospital
Development of an innovative cell-based product for human dental pulp regeneration with a good manufacturing approach
Award: 5000 Euros


Charlotte Currie
Newcastle University
Understanding REpeat Attenders for emergency care Not continuing care: REAsoN study
Award: 5000 Euros

Aleksandar Jakovljevic
University of Belgrade
Oxidative stress biomarkers and bone resorption regulators in apical periodontitis - correlation with Epstein-Barr virus infection
Award: 5000 Euros


Casper Kruse
Section of Oral Radiology, Department of Dentistry, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark
Cone Beam Computed-Tomography (CBCT) used for diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment of apical periodontitis.
Award: 5000 Euros

Merete Markvart
Cariology & Endodontics, Institute of Odontology, Faculty of Health Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Effects on intra-canal biofilm ex vivo after exposure to non-mechanical disinfection by the use of UV-LED
Award: 5000 Euros

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