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Thursday 12th Hall 7

Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
Session Moderators: Sait Güllü and Taher AL Omari
09:00 Retrospective evaluation of intentional reimplantation cases
*Güllü GS
09:18 Intentional Replantation, a new Light?
*Freitas VN, Caetano L, Santiago F, Fernandes V, Garcez J
09:36 Endodontic microsurgery updated
*Al Omari TMNT
09:54 Breaking limits in endodotic microsurgery
*Polovinshchykov D
10:12 3D-guided endodontic micro-surgery
*Gaffuri SG, Salgarello S, Tonini R, D'Ambrogio R, Mazzoleni F, Pasquariello F, Boschi G, Tagliabue R
Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
Session moderators: Jean-Philippe Mallet and António Ferraz
11:00 Apical surgery for lower molars : The bone window approach
*Mallet JP
11:18 Intentional Replantation in the Implant Era
*Alharbi MA
11:36 Surgical approach of large periapical lesions with application of L-PRF
Melo-Ferraz A, Ferreira S, *Freitas VN, Fernandes V, Caetano L, Miller P
11:54 Management of invasive cervical resorption using combined heithersay’s and laser assisted approach – case report
*Ali S
Poster Presentations / Trade Exhibition
Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
Session moderators: Chiara Pirani and Munoz-Sanchez
14:30 Does technical retreatment have a high success rate?
*Mer I
14:48 Influence of operator experience in Post-operative-pain in Endodontics
*Pirani C, Iacono F, Arias A, Karami Shabankare A, FitzGibbon RM, Zamparini F, Gandolfi M, Prati C
15:06 Post-operative quality of life following root canal treatment performed with different shaping and root canal filling techniques: an observational study.
*Brondino A, Brasoveanu M, Multari S, Carpegna G, Berutti E, Pasqualini D
15:24 Outcome of pulpotomy using calcium silicate based material in symptomatic mature permanent teeh with carious pulp expoaure: 2 years results
*Taha NA, Alkhatib HO
15:42 Full pulpotomy and endocrowns in permanent teeth during one chairside appointment: a cohort study
*Munoz-Sanchez ML, Decerle N, Linas N, Cousson PY, Hennequin M
Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
Session Chairs: Lora Mishra and Robert Jacobs
16:48 Paradigm shift in vital pulp therapy; Current clinical evidence
*Alshayban MU
17:06 Quality assessment of systematic reviews published in endodontic journals
*Mishra L, Singh NR
17:24 The validity of systematic reviews to answer clinical questions: Introduction of AMSTAR 2, PRISMA, and GRADE systems
*Salem Milani A, Rahimi S, Frough Reyhani M
17:42 Patient Reported Outcome Measures in Endodontics using a mixed methodology following treatment by postgraduate students in a UK dental hospital
*Jacobs RP, Jarad FD
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