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Thursday 12th Hall 5

ESE Wladimir Adlivankine Research Prize presentations
Led by Leo Tjäderhane
9:00 Comparison of continuous wave obturation and cold lateral condensation techniques in C1 and C2-type canals of 3D printed resin teeth instrumented with Reciproc Blue or Hyflex EDM
*Karatekin AO, Keles A, Gençoğlu N
9:20 TGF-β1 levels and distribution in the root dentine of mature and immature human premolars
*Ivica, A, Deari, S, Patcas, R, Weber, FE, Zehnder, M
9:40 Influence of model system parameters on the sodium hypochlorite susceptibility of endodontic biofilms
*Swimberghe RCD, Crabbé A, Braeckmans K, De Moor RJG, Coenye T, Meire MA
Original Scientific Poster Prize - oral presentations
Led by Leo Tjäderhane
10:00 Anaesthetic efficacy of 2% mepivacaine versus 4% articaine for inferior alveolar Nerve blocks in patients with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis in mandibular molars: a randomized clinical trial
El Marakby MF, Fouda MY, *Bedier MM
10:15 The influences of type 2 diabetes on clinically normal dental pulp tissues
*AlSamahi S, Milne TJ, Rich AM, Hussaini HM, Friedlander LT
Original Scientific Poster Prize - oral presentations
Led by Leo Tjäderhane
11:00 Effect of premedication using diclofenac potassium on anaesthetic success of articaine buccal infiltration in mandibular molars with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis: a randomized placebo-controlled trial
Al-Rawhani AH, Wanees Amin SA, *Gawdat SI
11:15 Calibration for increased reliability in assessment of endodontic variables in panoramic radiographs
*Sebring D, Jonasson P, Kvist T, Buhlin K, Lund H
11:30 Assessment of used outcome measures in high-ranked endodontic journals according to a hierarchical model
*Almutairi N, Björkner AE, Fransson H
Education Prize - oral presentations
Led by John Whitworth
11:50 Evaluation of 3D printed resin bicuspids in the reproduction of root canal anastomoses
*Habib M, Nehme W, Zogheib C, Maalouf L, Tohme H, Naaman A
12:10 Suitability of different tooth replicas for endodontic training: perceptions and detection of common errors in the performance of postgraduate students
*Gancedo-Caravia L, Bascones J, Garcia-Barbero E, Arias A
Poster Presentations / Trade Exhibition
Clinical Poster Prize - oral presentations
Led by Gianluca Gambarini
14:30 Guided endodontic treatment of multiple teeth with dentin dysplasia: a case report
*Krug R, Volland J, Reich S, Soliman S, Connert T, Krastl G
14:45 Oehler's type III dens invaginatus: case report
*Raad I, Tello G, Marín A, Cholico P
15:00 Internal repair of external cervical resorption: a case report
*Liapis D, Meire MA, De Moor RJG, De Bruyne MAA
15:15 Conservative management of large periapical lesion associated with mature and immature permanent teeth using conventional and regenerative endodontic procedures: a case report.
*Abo ElSeoud MR
15:30 Improved navigation system for endodontic surgery
*Morese A, Seracchiani M, Stefanelli L, De Angelis F, Di Carlo S, Gambarini G
Clinical Video Prize - oral presentations
Led by Gianluca Gambarini
16:30 Broken files removal - case report
*Jankowska A, Kuzminski M, Boltacz-Rzepkowska E
16:37 Intentional Replantation
*Martinez Cuellar NG
16:44 Next Generation Endodontics; Revitalization by CGF
*Ertürk E, Fazeli R, Turk T
16:51 Apical surgery on upper left first molar with sinus elevation
*Cho S, Nam J
16:58 The use of PRF in endodontic microsurgery
*Pires M, Cordeiro J, Meirinhos J, Rito Pereira M, Ginjeira A
17:05 Volumetric 3D Rendering: Diagnosis and treatment planning
*Isufi A, Dauti R, Plotino G, Terauchi Y
17:12 Guided endodontics: Virtual endodontic access planning using two different workflows.
*Reich S
17:19 Intentional replantation with an atraumatic extraction system in teeth with extensive cervical root resorption
*Krug R, Krastl G
17:26 New tips to remove fiber post
*Choukroun R, Couvrechel C, Jakubowicz-Kohen B, Bocau C
17:33 A new endodontic Navigation system: an endodontic surgery
*Morese A, Seracchiani M, Stefanelli L, Di Carlo S, Testarelli L, Gambarini G
17:40 A novel guided endodontics method for the treatment of a maxillary premolar with pulp canal obliteration and apical periodontitis
*Torres A
17:47 Management of a perforation of the lateral incisor, due to an external resorption caused by canine impaction
*Ferraro N, Poli F
17:54 Managing a calcified pulp chamber aided by ultrasonics and high resolution CBCT
*Shehabeldin I
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