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Saturday 14th Hall 7

Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
09:00 Actinomycosis of the Maxillary Sinus leading to reinfection in treated Root canals
*Aggarwal SD, Bhatavadekar NB
09:18 Regenerative Endodontic treatment of Avulsed Immature permanent incisors with apical pathosis: 7 years follow up
*Ismail AG
09:36 Endodontic management of complex root canal anatomies using unconventional treatment modalities- A series of case reports.
*Mahajan S
09:54 Evaluation of 2 shaping systems and 2 ultrasonic irrigation devices in removing root canal filling material from mesial roots of mandibular molars assessed by micro CT
*Kaloustian MK, Nehme W, Zogheib C, Naaman A, Diemer F
10:12 Effect of third dimension on Broken instrument decision making.
*Ghobashy A
11:00 Saving incisors with a big periapical lesion by non- surgical retreatment: a case report
*Mammadli M, Bücher K, Diegritz CH, Hickel R
11:18 3D RETREATMENT: Efficiency and Effectiveness
*Dhaimy S
11:36 Demographic, clinical and radiographic data of patients referred for root canal retreatment
Keles A, Askerbeyli Ors S, Uzunoglu Ozyurek E
11:54 Comparative evaluation of the treatment outcomes after single- versus two-visit retreatment: a clinical study.
*Kandemir Demirci G
12:12 Selective root canal retreatment - case series and decision making
*Guerreiro Viegas O, Jautze AA, Thé WTH
Poster Presentations / Trade Exhibition
Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
14:30 Comparative evaluation of effectiveness of contemporary instrument retrieval systems and its effect on fracture resistance of teeth
Talwar ST, *Nawal RR, Malhotra A
15:06 Sandwich technique for wire-splinting of traumatized teeth: preliminary clinical experience
*Kaur A, Logani A, Ramnani H, Moidu N
15:24 Interdisciplinary approach for the Management of Subgingival Crown Fracture : Case Reports
*Chauhan S
15:42 Mouthguards use in prevention of sport-related traumatic teeth injures
*Dydyk NM
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