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Saturday 14th Hall 4

Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
09:00 The influence of Type 2 Diabetes on clinically normal dental pulp tissues
*AlSamahi S, Milne TJ, Rich AM, Hussaini HM, Friedlander LT
09:18 Injectable functionalised phosphopullulan-based biomaterial for pulp-tissue engineering. An ex-vivo and in-vivo study.
*Pedano MS, Li X, Camargo B, Yoshihara K, Yoshida Y, Van Landuyt KL, Van Meerbeek B
09:36 Global gene expression analysis of immunological responses during the development of apical periodontitis model in mice.
*Hasegawa T, Handa K, Yahata Y, Tanaka T, V.Venkataiah S, Njuguna M, Noiri Y, Saito M
09:54 Variation of early endothelial dysfunction markers in patients with apical periodontitis after root canal therapy: A clinical and biomolecular study
*Giuggia B, Bergandi L, Comba A, Alovisi M, Carpegna G, Scotti N, Pasqualini D, Berutti E
10:12 The shortcomings of current clinical endodontic diagnostics and possible role of biomarkers
*Erdogan O, Gibbs JL
11:00 Macrophages hyperactivation in sustained exposure to Enterococcus faecalis
*Yaya A, Polak D, Ginsburg I, Abramovitz I
11:18 Post-Treatment Symptomatic Apical Periodontitis and Neuropeptide Release in the Periodontal Ligament After Root Canal Preparation with Different Single-File Techniques
*Caviedes-Bucheli J, Munoz HR
11:36 Biological Implications of Occlusal Trauma and Orthodontic Forces in human dental pulp and its relationship with angiogenic mechanisms
*Munoz HR, Caviedes-Bucheli J
11:54 The local and systemic consequences of apical periodontitis on oxidative stress
*Georgiou AC, Cornejo Ulloa P, Crielaard W, van der Waal SV
12:12 Aesthetic restorations of anterior teeth following endodontic treatment
*Koç P
Poster Presentations / Trade Exhibition
Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
14:30 Rehabilitation of endodontic treated teeth with extensive loss of coronal structure – Where do we come from, where do go?
*Fernandes V, Ferreira S, Miller P, Ferraz A, Souza J
15:06 A Systematic review and Meta-Analysis of survival of ceramic onlays on root canal treated teeth
*Rahim N, Austin R, Foschi F, Mannocci F
15:24 Restoration of the endodontically treated tooth
*Karunanayake GA
15:42 Relationship between post and the survival of endodontically treated teeth: a retrospective cohort study
*Çelik G, Eroglu E, Üreyen KB, Yaylali I
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