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Friday 13th Hall 6

Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
09:00 Electronic working length variation during endodontic treatment: a randomized clinical trial
*Mirra D, Carpegna G, Alovisi M, Comba A, Pasqualini D, Scotti N, Berutti E
09:18 Management of postoperative pain: risk factors and predictability, prevalence and management
*Alsofi L
09:36 Neuropathic pain, what is it and why it happens, where is the role of psychosocial issue in the diagnosis and treatment
*Sadr A
10:12 Effective treatment protocol in C-shaped canals
*Yang SE
11:00 Establishment of experimental intraradicular biofilm model for irrigation techniques evaluation in pigs.
*Yahata Y, Tanaka T, Handa K, V. Venkataiah S, Kanehira M, Hasegawa T, Noiri Y, Saito M
11:18 Effect of a novel antibiotic-steriod paste over conventional antimicrobials in regenerative endodontics.
*Mahima T, Sannidhi H
11:54 Influence of Photon-Induced Photoacoustic Streaming (PIPS) on root canal disinfection and post-operative pain: a randomized clinical trial.
Gianello E, Bonino F, Mandras Roana JN, Borrelli J, Pasqualini D, *Alovisi M
Poster Presentations / Trade Exhibition
Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
14:30 Does a clinical irrigation protocol exist? How to transfer research into the practice.
*Tonini R, Boschi G, Salgarello S
14:48 Ultimate laser techniques for irrigant activation (PIPS and SWEEPS) compared to PUI (EndoUltra) and Sonics (EndoActivator). An Ex Vivo Study: FESEM evaluation of smear layer removal.
Mancini M, Cerroni L, *Palopoli P, Buoni C, Olivi G, Olivi M, Cianconi L
15:06 The evolution of the bubble: does it matter?
*De Moor RJG, Swimberghe R, Lietaer D, Ligthart S, Declercq A, De Bruyne M, Meire, MA
15:24 Efficacy of XP-endo finisher and Er:Yag Laser on the removal of calcium hydroxide paste from an artificial standardized apical groove
*Hancerliogullari D, Durna Yurtseven F, Erdemir A
15:42 A novel HEDP-based irrigant and its effect on the cleanliness of root canal walls
*Kfir A
16:30 Irrigation of the pulp space in the 21st Century - Where are we now?
*Farmakis ETR
16:48 Do we really need to activate our irrigant?
*Elkholy MMA
17:06 Effect of different final irrigation protocols on fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth
Doganay Yildiz E, *Fidan ME
17:24 Effect of Different Laser-Assisted Irrigation Activation Techniques on Apical Debris Extrusion
Doganay Yildiz E, *Dincer B
17:42 Root fracture resistance of human teeth after exposure to calcium hydroxide
*Al-Hiyasat AS, Elfarraj HS
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