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Friday 13th Hall 5

Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
Session Moderators: Benjamín Briseño Marroquín and Dimitris Timplalexis
09:00 Interradicular canal frequency at the bifurcation area of first mandibular molars.
*Briseño Marroquín B, Wentaschek S, Tennert C, Wierichs R, Wolf TG
09:18 Saving the "Natural Implant" through apical surgery ... minimal pain, optimal healing and unprecedented patient perception
*Nguyen TNN
09:36 Age-related clinical algorithm
*Ben-Itzhak J, Solomonov M
10:12 Incidence of external apical root resorption in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment – case report
*Timplalexis D, Koumpia E, Mikrogeorgis G
Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
Session Moderators: Betül Aycan Alim and Elif Delve Baser Can
11:00 Do orthodontists consider endodontic complications in their orthodontic management of teeth with a history of dental trauma?
*Al Hourani A, Al Badri S, Jarad F
11:18 Evaluation of treatment planning decisions among endodontists, postgraduate students, general dental practitioners and undergraduate students for complicated endodontic cases: a survey study
*Alim B, Dincer A, Yurtgezen B, Guneser B
11:36 3D reconstruction softwares in endodontics
*Isufi A, Xhajanka E, Gambarini G
11:54 Diagnosis and treatment perspectives of internal root resorption
*Baser Can ED
12:12 The impact of endodontic over instrumentation on the anatomy of the root canal and the apical foramen: a comparison between three different endodontic motorized systems
*Shay B, Moreinos D, Udi Shmueli O, Abramovitz I
Poster Presentations / Trade Exhibition
Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
Session Moderators: Vinisha Pandey and Panos Panopoulos
14:30 Quantitative assessment of apically extruded bacteria using different instrumentation techniques and preparation taper: an invitro study
*Pandey V, Priyank H
14:48 Cleaning the third dimension.
*Gawdat S
15:06 Efficacy of automated Ni-Ti systems in eliminating bacteria from infected root canals
*Panopoulos P
15:24 Micro-CT evaluation of modern rotary and reciprocating glide path and shaping systems
*Tutino F, Bernardi M, Alovisi M, Carpegna G, Comba A, Bobbio E, Scotti N, Pasqualini D, Berutti E
15:42 The influence of brushing movement on geometrical shaping outcomes: A micro-CT study
*Carpegna G, Alovisi M, Comba A, Pasqualini D, Scotti N, Berutti E
Oral presentations on freely chosen subjects
Session Moderators: Moatazbellah Ahmed Mohamed Alkhawas
16:30 Comparison of the apical transportation and canal straightening between two rotary and two reciprocating systems
Erdogan D, *Akbal Dincer G, Turkyilmaz A, Erdemir A
16:48 Root dentinal microcracks: a post-extraction experimental phenomenon?
*De-Deus G, Cavalcante D, Silva E, Belladonna F, Souza E, Versiani M, Dummer P
17:06 Do pre-existing microcracks play a role in the in vitro resistance to root fracture?
*Cavalcante D, De Deus G, Silva E, Belladonna F, Souza E, Simões M, Zehnder M
17:24 Influence of nickel-titanium rotary systems with varying tapers on the biomechanical behaviour of mandibular first molars with curved and straight mesial roots: a finite element analysis study
Cesur Y, *Askerbeyli Ors S, Serper A, Ocak M
17:42 Micro guided Endodontics: A Futuristic Concept of Biominimalization
*Alkhawas M
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